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     Jeff Graham worked for me many years when I served as the Collin County Sheriff. He has been a valuable employee who went above and beyond his duty. He required little, if any, supervision. He is a hard worker and knows exactly what is required of him to get the job done.

    Jeff worked in many different areas within the Sheriff’s Office and is very experienced in Civil and Criminal Law. He was awarded Employee of the Year and also served as a Crisis Negotiator during my tenure as Collin County Sheriff. He has great communication and conflict resolution skills when called upon in tense situations . I feel confident that Jeff is the best candidate for Justice of the Peace Collin County Precinct #2, and I am pleased to give him my endorsement.

— Retired Collin County Sheriff Terry Box

— Randy Clark, Deputy Chief, Collin County Sheriff's Office(Retired)

— Honorable Steve Deffibaugh, Mayor Deputy pro tem, Princeton

— Collin County Deputies Association

— Leland Edge, Community ISD Superintendent (Retired)

— Johnny Holley, Wylie PD Lieutenant (Retired)

— Honorable Don Hughes, Wylie City Council (former)

      I have known Jeff Graham personally and professionally for over a decade. Jeff is a man of integrity, honesty and a very hard worker. He is a selfless public servant in his capacity as a sworn law enforcement officer. Jeff has the unique ability to bring compassion to his profession, and possesses a deep understanding of human nature and the challenges and difficulties people in all walks of life face. I was personally involved in a matter in which Jeff used his excellent negotiation and people skills to diffuse a tense situation. Jeff would do an excellent job serving his constituents as Justice of the Peace, and I am honored to support him.   — Len L. Nary, Attorney at Law

— Rodney Neal, Felony Investigator, Collin County District Attorney's Office (Retired)

— Honorable Vicki Sanson, Lavon City Council

— Dr. David Standfield, Professor Texas A&M Commerce (Retired)

— Honorable Keith Stephens, Mayor Pro Tem, Wylie

— Brenda Terrell, Collin County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3-2 Court Administrator (Retired)

— Honorable Steve Terrell, Mayor, Allen

— Honorable Jason Turney, Josephine City Council

I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Graham for JP#2. I have known and worked with Mr. Graham over 25 years. Based on my experience with and observations of him I know he is qualified to provide the highest levels of integrity, fair, balanced law enforcement experience and calm application of the laws of Texas. Mr. Graham is also a fierce protector of individual rights upholding the spirit and meaning of the Texas and U.S. Constitution. Of any Justice deciding my fate, Mr. Graham would be my choice for the above reasons. Dr. Charles Williams, Ph.D.

Retired Supervisory Special Agent U.S. Dept. Homeland Security

— Dr. Charles Williams

— Velda Williams, Collin County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3-2 Court Administrator (Retired)

— Honorable Kay Wright, Lavon City Council & President EDC

Committee to Elect Jeff Graham
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