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      I understand how difficult it can be for those working daytime jobs to have to take off work. If I am elected, I will look into the possibility of implementing a night court program. I feel like having a night court program would make court more convenient and eliminate the stress or loss of income from having to take off work. I believe night court would be a valuable resource and become a very successful program for Precinct #2.


      I believe children are an important part of the future of Precinct #2. If elected, I will also look into implementing a teen court program that provides guidance for teenagers. This program would allow selected teenagers to be the jurors of teenagers with minor offenses. This program has shown to be very successful in other precincts, and I am very optimistic about it. 


       A person who fails to appear for a complaint or citation, where a warrant has to be issued, can be very costly for the Justice of Peace Court. I would like to look into possibly implementing a failure to appear program, where the person would be unable to renew their drivers license until the warrant has been resolved.  This program has been very effective for cities and counties statewide in reducing the number of outstanding warrants.

Committee to Elect Jeff Graham
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